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It is detrimental to the Owners needs and an abuse of Owners' due process rights for the Board and management to excessively claim that information is privileged and confidential.

BOTH The Board and the Board's attorneys have previously received Letters of Instruction from the Nevada Division of Real Estate, BUT HAVE NOT CORRECTED THE PROBLEM. Their inappropriate reaction has been to seek a legal justification for keeping their actions secret.

The Board and the management staff need training to look at the issue of confidentiality solely in terms  of whether keeping a matter confidential best serves the Owners. For example, it is not even legal to adopt performance standards for the General Manager in Executive Session, but a decision to keep performance standards confidential, could not have been based solely on their business judgment that keeping it a secret was best for the Owners.

Making website much more accurate, comprehensive and user friendly needs to be elevated to the highest priority.

It needs to be the definitive, trustworthy source of the organization's official records.

It must be interactive in real time to ensure Owners have a meaning voice.

This valuable resource should be utilized to video and live stream all the Member meetings, Board meetings/workshops and select committee meetings onto the password-protected website.

Owners should be able to use current technology to make their opinions known to the Board and fully visible to all Owners in real time and retained as the organization's permanent record in perpetuity.

ALL communications with residents should be made easily accessible without requiring the Owner to "OPT-IN' by providing their email address, e.g., E-BLASTS, and should be made available online with a retention schedule.

Contracts, budgets, personnel salaries, communications, and all other information that an Owner may access by coming into the office personally and filling out a form should be accurately and promptly posted online.

Because SCA fails to meet the information needs of the Owners, people rely on opinion blogs and rumor which negatively impacts our quality lifestyle.