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February Reports of Open SCA Litigation
2763 White Sage Dr Foreclosure Nationstar v Sun City Anthem
ADR claim 16-845
​Court ordered SCA to refund the $16,766.81 SCA was not entitled to demand in excess of the super-priority amount to stop a foreclosure sale. SCA is fighting paying Citi's court costs & attorney fees of $44,750.66.
 There is no benefit to SCA Owners to have SCA stay in the case to defend the illegal acts of former agents. There is no claim for damages or attorney fees against the SCA.
Nationstar claims that SCA was wrong to foreclose on 2763 White Sage Dr. extinguishing the $389,000 first deed of trust. On or about 5/8/13, to accept a tender of the super-priority portion of the HOA lien ($825) from Bank of America's agent Miles Bauer. Note that on 5/1/13 $825 for 3 quarters was in fact due, and SCA (through its agent RRFS) on 4/30/13 demanded $3,055.47 from B of A. On 5/29/13, RRFS responded to Proudfit Realty that $3,051.95 was due. Proudfit made the payoff demand because he had a $395,000 contingency sale in escrow. Also note that it is 425 days and counting since the ADR claim was filed without mediation being scheduled, let alone completed - compared to 72 days start to finish in the Ron Johnson ADR case. This is moot unless SCA board chooses to defend former agents' illegal acts.
2115 Sandstone Cliffs Foreclosure TRP Fund IV LLC v. Bank of Mellon
February 21, 2017 litigation report by SCA General Counsel Leach, Johnson, Song, & Gruchow contained in the completed 2/23/17 Board Book which is different than the 2/16/17 Leach litigation disclosure report contained in the draft Board book. 

It is unknown how the official record became corrupted. 

Leach Report in the minutes fails to disclose the Liberty Center lawsuit,!
Ronald Johnson v. Sun City Anthem ADR claim 17-38
Failure to Disclose Records
ADR 17-38 claiming that SCA withheld certain Association records. Mediation was completed on 11/4/16 which means the case required a total of 72 days from filing to completed mediation.