Nona 4 SCA Board
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Owners Come First
Do not reduce the Owners' voice. Rescind the changes to Property & Grounds, Golf Course Liaison Committees. Return the gym class pass system back to what it was.
Property Values
Top Priorities

The Board's job is to protect and enhance our high quality lifestyle, amenities and property values.
Make the Board and GM do their jobs!
Control costs!
Listen to the Owners!
Board actions need to protect all our property, not just the common areas.
Don't make the same mistakes. 
Try a new way based on what customers want!
Rescind FAS Eviction
Every Board action must be solely for the benefit of the Owners. 
The Board must never disregard history or place their interests or the convenience of Management above what Owners want.
High quality services and amenities with 100% customer satisfaction and controlled costs are my top priorities.