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Sun City Anthem residents have developed opinion blogs about local issues. These are a two-edged sword. On the one hand, they provide needed information that our official website fails to deliver. On the other hand, they are wildly divergent in their perspectives and as such, tend to be somewhat polarizing. As long as SCA excessively restricts access to information regarding governance and SCA finances which should be freely available, the blogs will have an outsize impact on opinions within the community
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Why I set up

Before I got booted off the Board, the concept of the website was to improve owner relations to develop a strategic vision and plan like However, that Polly Anna has left the building.

Now, a sadder, but wiser, gal is talking and my purpose is:

  • To show how owners are paying for the expensive ride the GM & attorney have taken us on by duping the Board into following instead of leading.
  • To restore my reputation to its former glory.
  • To get the Board members & their cheerleading blogger out of power. They are hurting us, dividing us, and are treating some of us a lot better than others.
  • To develop new leaders who have their heads on straight & who haven’t had the fire in the belly kicked out of them yet.