Nona 4 SCA Board
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Step 1. Board Training
Step 2. Define priorities for the GM linked to SCA's strategic goals
Step 3. Performance standards for the GM linked to compensation
The incumbents who are my opponents in this campaign are excessively self-congratulatory over their own performance in preparing the organization for self-management. Although they have done a number of things right, they need to acknowledge that they need professional assistance with finalizing the transition to self-management. Surveying other HOAs or deferring to the expertise of our current contractors and the GM is not good enough. The Board has not sufficiently managed the risks associated with their own failure to develop an appropriate and comprehensive policy structure and their failure to follow the law and their own policies.
At present, the Board has not developed necessary systems to hold themselves and the General Manager accountable to the Owners under the new self-managed structure.

Absent these critical systems, there is tremendous risk to our wonderful community. Our quality lifestyle, amenities and property values will deteriorate, and the Owners will not be able to hold anyone responsible.
Charter an Owner task force to make recommendations to the Board and use outside consultants to assist them. The Board has not provided the GM with effective guidance and parameters to ensure that she is doing what the Owners want. There is no management agreement. Staffing equal to $3.5 Million (over 1/3 of the operating budget is not disclosed. it is in a single cell, not even given a full line item. No connection with the expectations listed in the Board policy manual.
Charter an Owner task force to make recommendations to the Board for comprehensive HR policies and use outside consultants to assist them. The Owners need a voice in evaluating the quality of customer service. Performance standards for the GM were supposedly adopted in executive session, which is a violation of NRS 16.31085 exacerbated by the failure to even report them out.
NRS 116.31085 (3) (4) permits the Board to discuss/act in executive session ONLY the following:

3. An executive board may meet in executive session only to:
(a) Consult with the attorney for the association on matters relating to proposed or pending litigation if the contents of the discussion would otherwise be governed by the privilege set forth in NRS 49.035 to 49.115, inclusive.
(b) Discuss the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental health of a community manager or an employee of the association.
(c) Except as otherwise provided in subsection 4, discuss a violation of the governing documents, including, without limitation, the failure to pay an assessment.
(d) Discuss the alleged failure of a unit’s owner to adhere to a schedule required pursuant to NRS 116.310305 if the alleged failure may subject the unit’s owner to a construction penalty.
4. An executive board shall meet in executive session to hold a hearing on an alleged violation of the governing documents... 
​Step 4. Comprehensive update of the Board Policy Manual
What can the Board discuss or act on in Executive Session?