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About Nona 
I have lived in Sun City Anthem for 13 years, and loved it the whole time. I am running for the Board now because the transition to self-management has created challenges for the Association that I am uniquely qualified to address.

The links on this page are to a variety of different resumes, bios, and other perspectives on my background for you to get to know me beyond the constant shifting color of my hair.
Why Run for the Board?
Why Now?

   In 2011, Sun City Anthem was rated the  #1 retirement community in the nation!

 I want us to get that #1 rating back -  because of the actions of the Board – not  in spite of them.

   Remember, the Board’s only job is to  enhance and protect our quality lifestyle,  amenities and property values. 

  •  I bring a fresh perspective to the Board and a high level of skill in management, policy development, and conflict resolution. 
  • I have served as a Trustee on many Boards, policy advisory groups, commissions, and beneficial Trusts.
  • I am very knowledgeable about the laws governing non-profits and have studied the NRS 116, and all SCA’s governing documents and Board policies.
  • I have concerns about how the current Board and management have been mis-interpreting the governing documents to the detriment of all SCA Owners.
  • I want to prevent the Board over-delegating their policy functions to the GM or outside contractors. 
  • I want the Board to be trained by professional experts outside of Nevada’s insular community association management cottage industry.
  • My goal is to get the Board and management to understand who their customers are and to act accordingly.
To do this job right, the Board must do three things:

1.Develop public performance standards that control the GM’s compensation and bonuses.

2.Get assessments and fees under control.

3.Foster a culture of civility that guarantees owners have a strong voice.